GEA Hilge Spares and Parts

We sell a full range of spares and parts for GEA Hilge hygienic process pumps. If you are trying to obtain a GEA Hilge spare part, please contact us

We export to over 50 countries, including Asia. We are one of the UK Government’s export champions and supply UK and international customers.

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Hygienic process pumps

Examples of Spares and Parts we can supply for process pumps:

GEA Actuator | Hygienic valve | Aseptic valve | Hilge Seal | Hilge Shaft seal kit | Varivent valve | Mixproof valve | Ecovent | GEA Single-seat valve | Hilge Mechanical seal | Hygienic butterfly valve | Tuchenhagen | Aseptomag | Aseptomag spares | Tuckenhagen spares | Nova spares | F&B-HYGIA | GEA spares | Hilge HYGIA | Hilge Norm Durachrom | Hilge Sipla

Aseptic valves for dairy, food & beverage applications.

VESTA® sterile valves

VESTA® valves for pharma applications

Aseptic pigging systems